Children’s Scholarship Fund-Charlotte is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational options for children (grades K-8) from low-income families residing in Mecklenburg County.

The organization’s purpose is to fund partial tuition assistance to economically disadvantaged children so that they may attend participating partner independent schools which most effectively address their academic, emotional, physical and/or spiritual needs.

Through our support, we believe that children can be taught where and how they best learn which will enable them to reach their highest potential.


  • 89%
    of CSF families report improved academic performance and improved behavior
  • 80%
    of low-income students nationwide are not proficient in reading by the time they reach fourth grade.
  • 100%
    of every dollar goes directly to funding scholarships; our organization’s operating expenses are funded by a few generous contributors.
  • 97%
    of CSF-C’s recipients contacted, who matriculated to public and independent high schools after participating in our program, graduated from the 12th grade.
  • 95%
    of CSF-C students that returned to public high school graduated on time, as compared to their demographic CMS peers at 71.1% - 86.5%


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  • 2016-2017 Children’s Scholarship Annual Report


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Children's Scholarship Fund - Charlotte

CSF-C Testimonials

A father who knows that having educational options is positively impacting his child’s academic and social success.


“Through my personal experience, I’ve seen the difference the right environment can make for a child, and I think every family deserves that opportunity.”

Andrew Lindner
Board Chair