2014-2015 Children’s Scholarship Fund Annual Report

The Children’s Scholarship Fund recently released it’s 2014-2015 Annual Report.  Read the full report here.


From the Children’s Scholarship Fund Chair of the Board of Directors:

Like many of the supporters of CSF-C, I first became involved with the organization as a result of a personal experience. Several years ago our son was recommended to The Fletcher School, an independent school focused on high achieving children with learning disabilities. Instantly, we witnessed the profound difference the right environment can make in a child’s educational and personal development. We were fortunate to be able to afford this option for our son, but for many others educational options such as these are not possible.

The mission of Children’s Scholarship Fund of Charlotte is to provide assistance to families who wish to take a proactive role in pursuing the right educational environment for their child. I have enormous respect for the families who have availed themselves of opportunities afforded through this program.

It is with great enthusiasm and honor that I assume the role of Chairman. Over the past few years the board and the organization have become more introspective, seeking out the determinants of successful outcomes and challenging ourselves to better understand the schools, families and students that we serve. This coming year will bring continued innovation, introspection and action and my priorities as Chairman will be to achieve significant strides in the following three areas: 1)Evaluating and understanding our participating partner schools, 2) Measuring outcomes of students, and 3) Insuring long-term financial stability of the organization.

On behalf of Children’s Scholarship Fund-Charlotte’s Board of Directors, I would like to invite you to be our partner this next year as the organization continues to change the trajectory of children’s lives through the intrinsic power of education.

Andrew Lindner