2015-2016 Children’s Scholarship Annual Report

The Children’s Scholarship Fund recently released it’s 2015-2016 Annual Report.  Read the full report here.

final-csf-annual-report-2015-16Last year, CSF-C’s priorities were:

  1. Evaluating our Participating Partner Independent Schools,
  2. Measuring outcomes of students and
  3. Ensuring long-term financial stability of the organization.

I am pleased to report that we have made tremendous progress in all three categories and are CHARTING OUR IMPACT!

Evaluating Our Participating Partner Independent Schools –
We are proud of the great strides made toward assessing our schools via on-site school visits, administrative interviews and third party assessment. Our Students and Schools Committee has laid the foundation for ongoing evaluation and compliance of each school to ensure that students’ needs are being met and that they have the opportunity of reaching their highest potential.

Measuring Outcomes of Students –
We recognize our responsibility to report to our donors about the effectiveness of our program. Our board has been committed to assessing the outcomes of our scholarship recipients through parent and school surveys, and graduation data. A comprehensive report is being conducted by an independent educational consulting company which will analyze and measure the various predictors of our students’ success, graduation rates and beyond.

Ensuring Long-Term Financial Stability –
We know that our organization’s sustainability is paramount to all priorities. Our Development Committee has been focused on diversifying the organization’s sources of ongoing revenue. CSF-C successfully launched a new event, the Charlotte Heptathlon, which raised over $200,000 in gross revenue and over $110,000 of net contribution to CSF-C. We anticipate that the Charlotte Heptathlon will expand and are developing strategies toward additional fundraising efforts.

In conclusion, it has been a busy and productive year. I am truly grateful for the dedication of CSF-C’s Board of Directors and management team, and the generous support of our donors. Together, we have provided 351 economically disadvantaged children the chance to succeed.
Please join us this next year as we continue investing in children’s education and changing their lives forever.

Andrew Lindner, Chairman