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Charlotte Heptathlon

The Charlotte Heptathlon was a huge success, involving 74 participants, 50 volunteers, 20 corporate sponsors and raising over $200,000!  The net proceeds will benefit Children’s Scholarship Fund-Charlotte which provides economically disadvantaged children (grades K-8) the  opportunity to attend independent schools where they can be taught how they best learn and gives them hope toward a brighter future!

Check out Charlotte Heptathlon’s video highlighting the inaugural event …and start getting ready to compete next year!:








The Mission

The Charlotte Heptathlon seeks to be the premier, invitation-only athletic fundraising event in
the Greater Charlotte region. We will permanently impact the lives of our participants and our
charitable beneficiaries in order to drive improved long-term social and economic outcomes in
the region.

The Competition

The Heptathlon will consist of 7 events designed to test the speed, agility, strength and endurance of our competitors. Teams of 2 athletes will compete and receive a composite score for their results versus the rest of the field. Overall and age-bracketed winners will be crowned at both the team and individual levels.

  • Capped at 150 participants
  • Entry fee of $250 per individual and minimum required fund raise of $1,000 per team
  • Professionally produced athletic competition, rain or shine
  • Athletic events designed to be challenging to the serious athlete while remaining
    approachable for all competitors.
  • Fund raising excellence can improve a team’s composite score in the competition

The Competitors

The Charlotte Heptathlon is open to all men and women who enjoy athletic competition and are
passionate about our mission. A majority of our competitors are successful professionals in
Charlotte’s financial services industry. This includes senior professionals at commercial banks,
investment managers and investment banks, but also participants from local technology and
business or professional service firms who serve the financial industry. By channeling the
competitive nature of the financial industry’s participants for good, our event seeks to capitalize
on the indelible impact this industry has made on the Greater Charlotte region.

The Cause

Proceeds of The Charlotte Heptathlon benefit Children’s Scholarship Fund Charlotte (CSF-C).
Founded in 1999 by legendary investor Julian H. Robertson, Jr., CSF-C is a non-profit
organization dedicated to expanding educational options for children from low income families.
The organization provides tuition assistance for almost 400 K-8 students in Mecklenburg
County each year. Over $8 million has been awarded to more than 6,000 scholarship recipients
who have attend 60 different tuition-based schools. 95% of scholarship alumnae (2006-2011) who returned to their designated CMS public school graduated, as compared to between 71% – 86% of their demographic peers.

Athletic Events

Each competitor on a team will compete in the following events designed to test overall athletic


  • 40 Yard Dash (best of two attempts, timed)
  • 60 Yard Shuttle Run (best of two attempts, timed)


  • 20 Yard Shuttle Run (best of two attempts, timed)
  • Vertical Leap (best of two attempts, highest recorded distance)


  • Pull-ups (one attempt, max reps)


  • 500 Meter Row (one attempt, timed)
  • 1 mile run


Individual and team winners will be determined according to the scoring formula described

Individual competitors will complete each event and receive a ranking against the field according to their performance. An individual’s overall score for the competition will be the sum of these eight individual event rankings. The lower the overall number the better. A team’s overall score will simply be the sum of each of the two individual’s overall scores.

To illustrate, the lowest possible result for a single competitor is 7 should they finish first in all
seven events (7 x 1 = 7). The lowest possible two person team score is 21 assuming the two team members finished first and second in all eight events (7 scores of 1 plus 7 scores of 2).

Overall and age-bracketed results will be posted for both individuals and teams. The man, woman and team of two who post the lowest combined scores will be crowned as our inaugural Champions. In the case of any ties, fund raising success will determine the ultimate winner.
So this competition is about team members challenging themselves against the field by training
harder and raising more money. Bring it!

Dan O’Brien

As added motivation, Olympic Gold Medalist Dan O’Brien will be on hand to compete in our event. Regularly considered the World’s Greatest Athlete, Dan was the Olympic decathlon champion in 1996, famously out-dueling his rival Dave Johnson of “Dan and Dave” Reebok commercial fame.

The Venue

The Charlotte Heptathlon will be contested on May 21, 2016 at the Queens University Sports
Complex, a 65-acre world class athletic facility located at 2229 Tyvola Road in Charlotte, NC.

Sponsorship – Join Our Cause

Improving educational outcomes for deserving young people in our community is a cause all of us can get behind. Our competitors and spectators represent a highly desirable demographic within the Charlotte business community who are coming together to make a difference. A full list of customizable promotional opportunities is available at each of the following sponsorship levels.


  • Platinum $25,000
  • Gold $10,000
  • Silver $2,500