Children’s Scholarship Fund-Charlotte is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational options for children (grades K-8) from low-income families residing in Mecklenburg County.

The organization’s purpose is to fund partial tuition assistance to economically disadvantaged children so that they may attend participating partner independent schools which most effectively address their academic, emotional, physical and/or spiritual needs.

Through our support, we believe that children can be taught where and how they best learn which will enable them to reach their highest potential.

Criteria Applicants’ Families Must Meet to Qualify for CSF-C’s Scholarship Program:
1) Families must reside in Charlotte and/or Mecklenburg County
2) Families must meet the standards for the Federal Free and Reduced Meal Program
3) Children must be attending grades K-8 during the year of funding
4) Children must be entering Kindergarten or transferring from a public school

Scholarship amounts are determined by the family’s size and income, and the school’s tuition amount; the maximum award per child is $2,500.

Each family is required to contribute at least $500 total every year toward their child(ren)’s education; we’re giving them a hand up, not a hand out.

Each family/child must re-qualify every year to continue funding.